All You Need to Know About Sculptura

by | Jul 30, 2012 | Cosmetic Surgery

There are several cosmetic procedures that you can avail nowadays but one of the most convenient, safe, and effective is Sculptura. The noticeable results can be seen immediately, though subtly, as the injected acid replaces lost collagen. As a result, the skin looks younger, more supple and rejuvenated. The procedure is done by injecting poly-L-lactic acid in three sessions from a few months up to two years depending on the need and how the body is taking the procedure.

The procedure is FDA approved and is done to correct fine lines and facial deficiencies, and other forms of wrinkles. This is proven safe and is administered among healthy persons. The process focuses on the main cause of aging which is loss of collagen. Sculptura is an aesthetic facial injection that repairs facial lines through a series of treatment for at least three injection sessions for a few months, although it could last for over a year to two years. During the process, collagen is replaced thereby giving you a younger appearance that can last for up to two years.

The injection is made of synthetic material that replaces lost collagen and it is called poly-L-lactic acid. This acid is safe and has been used for so many years to dissolve stitches. It is naturally absorbed by the body to perform its functions. Specifically, the acid is injected at the mid area of the face down to the lower part or the chin area to treat smile lines or those folds around the nose and mouth, the marionette lines or the lines framing your mouth and the wrinkles on the chin area.
There is one thing that you should understand when using Sculptura; its effects are not noticeable overnight. Its effects are subtle and can stretch up to two years although there are those who get noticeable results a few weeks after the first injection. After about three sessions of treatment, one can already see the subtle yet noticeable results of the treatment as creases and facial folds start to disappear.

After taking the injections, one may possibly experience getting some redness and swelling on the face as well as bruising and itching on the injection site. Most doctors usually advice their patients to regularly massage the injected or treated area for a week in order to prevent the risks of developing lumps or small nodules under the skin. According to studies, 9% of those who underwent the treatment develop lumps which normally take months to disappear. In such instances, doctors usually inject the lumps with hyaluronidase to help dissolve the nodules. If you see these lumps after getting a Sculptura injection, call your doctor right away.

The treatment costs around $700 per vial to over $4,000 depending on the doctor administering the process and on the brand of the injection which will be given to you. It is noteworthy that aside from its high costs, this cosmetic procedure is not covered by insurance companies. However, the good thing about the procedure is that there is no downtime with it. After the process, you can put your makeup back on and proceed with your usual daily routine.

If you want to rejuvenate and bring back the old luster of your face, make your smile lines disappear through Sculptura. For more information, visit Sculpting New York online.

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