An Advanced Laser Dental Treatment Found in Southington CT

Dental care is viewed by many as simple cleanings and cavity fillings. The average patient doesn’t like to think about the complex procedures which may eventually occur and often fail to realize that one is needed until their dentist has to break the bad news. Luckily for patients experiencing periodontal disease, there is a dentist who is certified to administer the latest form of Laser Dental Treatment near Southington CT has to offer. This service takes much less time than the traditional procedure and doesn’t involve the invasive work that patients have come to fear.

The highly trained staff at the office ofRobert F. Treado, DMDis dedicated to comfortable patient care. Whether this involves tenderly administering treatments, applying numbing agents for sensitivity issues, or offering sedation when anxiety arises, the office can handle all concerns. This level of care is also present in the techniques the staff utilizes. One of the best examples is the laser periodontal surgery that Robert F. Treado, DMD specializes in. This minimal pain procedure avoids the cutting, scraping, and stitching traditionally performed during gum surgery. Instead, it employs the use of laser light and ultrasonic vibrations to eliminate abnormalities and allow the area to heal naturally. This also prevents the excess loss of gum tissue that is linked to traditional periodontal surgery. Patients will leave with only mild discomfort and are not required to come back for stitch removal.

The sophisticated Laser Dental Treatment in Southington CT offers is not the only advanced procedure found at this office. Dr. Kozy and his staff can also create state-of-the-art dental implants. The office uses 3D computer imaging rather than a physical mold to map out exact dimensions and placement for the implants. The computerized program generates an image as the basis for the reconstruction process, making it much simpler to create a perfect set of teeth and mount them into the jaw.

Many patients may be put off by the cost of complex procedures as well as the Laser Dental Treatment in Southington CT provides. Deciphering dental insurance coverage can also be confusing. Robert F. Treado, DMD’s staff can simplify this through a detailed, one-on-one consultation. If payment is problematic, they will establish a plan that works best for each individual. This may involve a series of scheduled payments. Either way, patients can undergo the treatments they need and not feel burdened by the cost.

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