An Auto Accident Attorney in Boston MA Assists When an Injured Person Was Not Wearing a Safety Belt

An Auto Accident Attorney in Boston MA represents clients when their insurance company disputes the claim for one reason or another. Massachusetts is a no-fault state, meaning that each person’s own automotive insurance covers the relevant expenses no matter who caused the collision. Customers of an insurance company don’t usually expect this type of dispute, but in some instances, the adjusters refuse to pay or offer a relatively low amount.

The Insurance Company’s Stance

An example would be a driver who was injured in an accident in which he or she was not wearing a safety belt. Since wearing this device is required by Massachusetts state law, choosing not to do so can undermine an accident claim. An Auto Accident Attorney in Boston MA knows that the insurer attempting to prove its policyholder was at fault is pointless because of the no-fault laws. The adjusters may, however, try to show that the injuries would not have been as severe if the driver had used the seat belt.

Research and Safety Belt Usage

The insurance company may provide research results showing that these same types of injuries tend to only occur when someone is not wearing a safety belt. The research also may verify that the injuries tend to be significantly worse. For instance, although a driver may be protected somewhat by an airbag deploying, the seat belt is still crucial for preventing being thrown around the front seat during an accident. If the car rolls over, a serious head injury can occur since the driver is not held in place by the belt.

The Need for Legal Representation

A person who was seriously hurt in an accident while not wearing a seat belt may need legal representation by an organization such as the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass. The individual’s medical insurance may cover many of the expenses, but this person may have a co-pay and a high deductible that will cause financial stress, especially if unable to work for any length of time. Also, medical insurance will not cover lost wages, as automotive insurance would do if the case were not in dispute. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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