An Introduction To Welding Repair Methods

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Welding Equipment Supply Store

There are a lot of different ways that Welding Repair can be done, but some methods of welding are much more common than others. It’s good for people who are just starting to learn about welding to get familiar with the more common methods of welding. It’s important to understand that each method of welding has its advantages and disadvantages. By learning more about the strengths and weakness of welding methods, a person will be able to pick the right method for the job. Supplies and materials needed for welding can be purchased at or any other quality retailer that specializes in welding supplies.

MIG welding has several benefits including being the easiest form of welding to learn. It can be used for any type of manufacturing, fabrication, and also in auto repair shops. MIG welding is known for its reduced welding fumes and much lower heat inputs. Since it has a high electrode efficiency, it produces less waste. The disadvantages of MIG welding start with the limited positions in which it can be utilized. It also can’t be used to weld extremely thick materials. If a material is going to be welded with this method, it must not have any rust or dirt on it. Also, the equipment that is used for MIG welding isn’t cheap.

SMAW welding is another type of welding that is used for construction, repair of heavy equipment, welding pipelines, and other industry applications. It offers great portability, and the equipment used for SMAW welding isn’t that expensive. Since it doesn’t require any shielding gas, it can be used when there is a lot of wind present or when it is raining. Unlike MIG welding, SMAW welding can be done on materials that are dirty or have rust. The disadvantages of SMAW welding start with the higher level of skill needed to do it. It also doesn’t work well with materials that are extremely thin.

Welding Repair can also be done with TIG welding. This method of welding produces welds that are clean and of high quality. It’s used with pipes, motorcycles, and in the aerospace industry. As with SMAW welding, the learning curve for this method is high. And like MIG welding, rust and dirt must not be present on the material that is being welded.

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