An Orthopedic Foot Doctor in Birmingham, AL, Treats Achilles Tendon Injuries

Some injuries to an Achilles tendon occur suddenly. They range from mild to severe. Others become noticeable after a number of small injuries have happened over time. An orthopedic foot doctor in Birmingham, AL, provides treatment for injuries that are unlikely to heal without medical care.

Extent of Treatment

Many Achilles tendon injuries, even severe ones, heal over time with rest and immobilization. The patient wears a cast, specialized boot or a brace to restrict movement of the ankle and lower part of the leg. Some patients will require surgery to be performed by a foot doctor in Birmingham, AL.

Tendinitis, an inflammation of the tissue, typically heals with resting of the tendon and a course of physical therapy. A ruptured tendon, in contrast, may require an operation to repair the tissue. Some torn tendons do heal without surgery, however.

Physical Therapy

Participation in physical therapy is standard because it helps the patient safely regain flexibility and strength in the leg and ankle. The number of sessions depends on the type of injury and the speed of healing.

Types of Surgery

One type of operation removes the damaged part of the tendon, after which the surgeon repairs the rest of the tissue with sutures. If a bone spur is removed, the tendon might require metal anchoring to the heel. The patient typically is not allowed to put any weight on the foot for at least two weeks and sometimes longer. These procedures can be performed by Dr. Michael F. Blum, MD, an orthopedic doctor who provides information at the website

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