Animals Can Cause The Need For Roof Repairs In Meridian, ID

A good number of homeowners think they only have to worry about Roof Repairs Meridian ID when their roofs get old or are damaged by storms. After all, as long as some form of basic maintenance is done, a roof shouldn’t suffer too many problems. Homeowners do have another threat to their roof they have to think about: animals.

What Damage Can Animals Actually Do?

Animals can cause the need for Roof Repairs Meridian ID in a variety of ways. Squirrels, bats, pigeons, raccoons, and other animals have been known to knock shingles loose or completely off roofs. Animals can also dig into roofs. Digging into a roof can cause both acute and chronic damage. The chronic damage is usually done by water that can easily enter the hole. Water can produce both mold and rot. Any homeowner that has roof damage from an animal can contact Gem State Roofing.

Preventing Animal Damage

Homeowners are helpless against animals. There are a variety of methods they can use to fight the pests. It’s always good practice to stay one step ahead of animals to protect a roof. Checking for overhanging tree branches is a good place to start. A tree branch doesn’t even have to be hanging directly over a roof for a squirrel to make the jump to the roof. Tree branches should be cut back as far away from a roof as possible. Click Here to find out more about roof maintenance.

More On Preventing Damage

The next task on the list is to keep the gutters clean. When gutters are overcome with debris, they attract pigeons and other birds. These birds will build nests in the gutters, which can cause even more congestion. Water won’t be able to freely flow through the gutters. The result is water doing damage to the roof. Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year and when any problems are noticed.

Keeping a roof safe from animal damage isn’t that hard to accomplish. It’s just important for homeowners to pay attention to what is going on with their roofs so they can deal with any animals before damage happens.

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