Ankle Surgery in Houston, TX can Repair Many Orthopedic Problems

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Healthcare

Ankles bear the weight of a person’s entire body, so they are always under a lot of pressure. They are also expected to adapt when a person stands on their toes or stretches out on the floor. They are involved in a lot of pivots and steps when people play sports such as tennis, so it’s easy to twist or break an ankle. It’s also very easy to trip on a step when a person is thinking about something else. Either of these actions can result in the need for an Ankle Surgery Houston TX procedure.

Treating the ankle is a complex process. There are three major bones that form the ankle. The tibia on the inside, the fibula on the outside and the talus on top of the foot. These bones are wrapped in a thick band of cartilage. The ankle joint capsule holds all of this together. The ankle pivots and moves by a complex system of tendons and ligaments. If any parts of this complex system are torn or broken it can make standing and walking painful and impossible. The patient’s only solution is to undergo Ankle Surgery Houston TX procedures to repair it.

Before agreeing to this complex procedure the patient should make sure that they are seeing a board certified Orthopedic Doctor who is qualified to determine the best treatment. If they have any doubt, they should find another doctor and ask for a second opinion. Patients should always ask if there is a non-surgical approach. When they are convinced that surgery is the best solution, they should find a surgical center that works closely with physical therapists. Most Ankle Surgery Houston TX procedures require that the patient strengthen the joint after surgery and work to ensure that the tendons and ligaments stay flexible.

For some people, the best answer is to recuperate at a rehabilitation facility. That way they can focus on their recovery without letting day-to-day stress interfere. Some patients may not have the strength to walk on their own or take care of themselves until they have progressed in their physical therapy. The rehabilitation staff can help them with these matters.

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