Antique Rug Restoration in Manhattan is a Precise Art

When it comes to the care and handling of an antique rug, it’s important to take it to someone who is knowledgeable about the preservation of older materials. Antique Rug Restoration in Manhattan should address all aspects of a rug including cleaning, repairing damaged sections and holes, and matching the yarn used for repairs as closely as possible in texture and color so that the repaired areas are indistinguishable from the materials in the original rug.

Family Heirlooms

Antique rugs, oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and tapestries are often passed down from one generation to another. They become treasured family heirlooms, but as the years go by, they may require Antique Rug Restoration in Manhattan. As the wool and fabrics age, they may develop holes or have hard to remove stains that only a professional service can handle. In order to preserve an antique rug, it should be cleaned and mended by someone who can restore it to like new condition.


Cleaning of an older rug is best done without using harsh chemicals. Any dust and dirt on the carpet should be removed by using compressed air, followed by washing it with a gentle shampoo. All of the details, such as the fringe around the edges, should be carefully scrubbed so that no dirt remains afterward. Finally, the rug should be placed in a room that is temperature and humidity controlled until it dries completely.


Repairing an older rug requires a skilled craftsman. Sections that are completely missing, or holes that detract from a rug’s aesthetic appeal, should be carefully attended to. It’s especially important to color match the yarn or wool used for mending with materials from the same time period whenever possible. This will prevent the repaired spots from being noticeable and will bring the rug back to its original beauty.

Restoration of an older rug or tapestry requires skill in order to blend the old with the new. By carefully matching the materials used during the restoration process with those in the original rug, the value of an heirloom rug will remain intact and not diminish. For more information regarding the care and restoration of antique rugs, please visit our website.

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