Are All Social Security Disability Claims Denied the First Time Around?

While many believe otherwise, the SSA (Social Security Administration) doesn’t deny every claim the first time around. However, they do deny almost two-thirds of all applications.

Though the rate seems rather high, it means that the SSA approves about one-third of applications without requesting additional information from claimants. Working with Winfield Social Security disability attorneys will reduce the risk of claim denial and give you peace of mind.

Why Are So Many Claims Denied at First?

According to the SSA, there are three main reasons for claim denial.

• Technical details. Here, an application may be denied for reasons unrelated to the claimant’s impairment. The most common technical reason is that an applicant lacks work credits; some claims are denied because the applicant makes too much to qualify for SSI.

• Nonmedical reasons. Like technical details, a person may be denied for making too much or for being a non-citizen.

• Medical reasons. The SSA may deny a claim because they believe that the claimant’s condition isn’t disabling, or because the claim lacked medical evidence to document the condition.

Working with Winfield Social Security disability attorneys will reduce the risk of claim denial. While an attorney can’t guarantee a successful outcome, they can improve your chances in a few ways.

Reduce Denial Concerns With Help From an Attorney

Social Security disability attorneys have one goal: to help disabled workers get the benefits they need. Disability claims may take months for a decision, and your attorney will be with you throughout the process. For peace of mind during the application process or help with appeals, call an attorney or visit Harold W. Conick & Associates, Ltd. today.

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