Are Lumineers San Jose The Right Choice?

The Lumineers San Jose are a brand name for light-weight veneers that are applied to teeth in a dental clinic. They are an alternative to traditional veneers such as crowns. This option does not require drilling or grinding of teeth and fit easily over the tooth’s surface. They are the latest trend in cosmetic dentistry.

This alternative is constructed of thin porcelain instead of the porcelain sleeve associated with traditional models. Application of them does not require extensive shots to numb the patient’s teeth or gums. The process is painless and typically only requires two dental visits to complete.

Traditional forms of veneers or crowns require that the dentist construct a mold of the patient’s natural teeth. Once this mold is complete, he or she grinds the teeth into cone-shaped bases. The process requires a section of at least four teeth, even if the surrounding teeth are in good condition. Temporary appliances are affixed to the teeth until the completed crowns are constructed.

The complete process for affixing crowns onto the tooth requires extensive dental visits. The patient must return to a cosmetic dentist for installation of the final crowns after they are constructed from the mold. Once completed, the patient visits the dentist to have the temporary appliances removed and the permanent crowns affixed to their teeth.

The initial visit to receive Lumineers San Jose allows a cosmetic dentist to evaluate the patient’s teeth. He or she creates a mold of the natural teeth. These alternative veneers are created in a lab setting. Once the finished product is created a second appointment is scheduled for installation of the veneers.

This option will cover up stained and misshapen teeth and produce a white, bright smile. Lumineers are a popular option as the finished product appears natural and aesthetically pleasing. The pain-free procedure is highly recommended by dental professionals, especially for patients with sensitive teeth and gums.

It is also a safer alternative for patients who experience sensitivity to anesthetics, as none are used during the procedure. Traditional veneers require novocain to numb teeth and gums before they are installed. Anesthetics are not a requirement for Lumineers San Jose.

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