Are Pests Harmful to your Family’s Health?

Whatever your pest problem, whether it’s rodents, wasps or fleas or other pests, you might be wondering whether it’s worth paying for professional pest control to tackle the problem. Pests are definitely a nuisance, but are they really that harmful to your family’s health?

Biting Pests
If your home is overrun by fleas or bed bugs, you might be waking up covered in tiny, itchy red bumps. Whilst regularly hoovering your mattress might help to keep bed bugs at bay, once your mattress is infested, you need to call in the professional pest control experts. Non-toxic pest control is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of a flea infestation or bed bugs, avoiding further skin irritation. Young children in particular can be susceptible to rashes and irritation caused by these insect bites, so act quickly and call pest control in Maidstone if you suspect your home is under attack!

A Not so Mice Problem
Nothing is worse than finding out you have mice in your home. Whether you hear them scratching behind the walls at night or come across one in your kitchen, it’s always a nasty surprise, but it’s one that pest control experts can tackle easily. Having mice or other rodents in your home can be harmful to your health – their tiny droppings are hard to spot but can spread disease and cause skin conditions. There are many companies offering pest control in Maidstone, but make sure you opt for one who uses non-toxic options using the latest equipment – if in doubt, just check their website or ask!

A Sticky Solution
The summer months are the most common time for homes to be plagued with flies and ants, and if you spot a solitary ant marching across the arm of your sofa, you can bet there’s a whole army on the way! Tackle the problem quickly and effectively by calling in pest control to rid you of your ant or fly problem quickly, allowing you to carry on enjoying your summer! Wasps are also a common issue during the summer, and if you spot a wasp’s nest in or outside your home, it’s a good idea to call pest control, particularly if you have young children. Wasps often build their nests above or near doors or windows, under the roof, and you can usually spot the nest even if it’s hidden, by watching for wasp activity.

Pest control in Maidstone is the perfect way to tackle your pest problems without stress or worry – just ensure you choose a reliable, professional company who will carry out the job quickly using non-toxic pest control.

David Bruce Pest Control offers a fast service specialising in all types of pests from rodents and wasps to flies and ants – whatever your problem, this Pest control in Maidstone will deal with it efficiently.

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