Are Window Well Grates Worth It?

You may already be aware of window well covers, but what about window well grates? While perhaps not quite as common as covers, window well grates are an ordinary feature for several homes in Parker, CO! In fact, if you’re in the market for new covers for your basement windows, window well grates may be a much better alternative. In this article, you’ll find a few reasons as to why window well grates could prove better for your home than regular window well covers. Read on to learn more!


Window well grates serve the same purpose as window covers. They are meant to be affixed to the basement windows of your Parker, CO home, for the sake of protecting it from raining and floods. In turn, this feature keeps not just your home safe from water damage, but your family as well. Without them, you risk the chance of flooding seeping into your basement and causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars of water damage. While window well grates may seem like an expensive addition to your home now, they will ultimately save you quite a bit of money in the long run.


One slightly disadvantageous aspect of window well covers is their permanence. They’re often made completely from glass and affixed to your home, totally immovable. This isn’t the case with window well grates! Many window well grates offer you the option to manually slide them open or shut, much like you would the vents for your cooling and heating. If you want to let a little light into your basement or shut it out for a while, simply open or shut your window well grates for the day.

In addition to allowing you the option to choose whether you want natural light to filter into your basement, it also allows you much more privacy. With covers, there’s always the chance someone can peer into your Parker, CO home at any time. Window well grates effectively can work like your window blinds or curtains, keeping prying eyes out during late hours.

To learn more about window well grates and how to install them to your Parker, CO home, call Cassteen Ironworks Metal Art Gallery at (303) 841-7317 or visit their website.

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