Are You in Need of Root Canal Therapy in Vancouver WA?

Root canals are needed when a tooth becomes damaged because of infection or decay. This procedure is usually carried out as a last resort effort to prevent tooth loss. The procedure can not only save the tooth from death, but it can also stop pain. If you are in need of Root Canal Therapy in Vancouver WA, make sure you read on for more information so you can know what to expect.

To perform a root canal, the dentist will first make sure the tooth is completely numb. Through local anaesthetic, the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort during the entire procedure. Once numbed, the dentist can open up the tooth so the inner structures can be taken care of.

Once an opening has been created, the dentist will begin working towards removing the inner structures of the tooth. The soft pulp is removed because of disease. If the pulp is not removed, the tooth will continue to be in danger of becoming further diseased.

In the removal process, the nerve is also removed. It is imperative the nerve is removed so the intense pain will no longer be experienced. Removing the nerve does not cause any impairment in function. It will not interfere with the person being able to chew or bite down.

Once the inside of the tooth is fully cleaned out, the dentist will fill it up with a special filling material. This goes inside all of the cracks and crevices so the tooth becomes more solid and is fully protected. On top of this filling, the dentist will also put a sealant in place.

Root canals can help to keep a tooth alive and prevent further damage from occurring. In some cases, the tooth may also need to be capped with a crown to keep it strong enough for normal function.

If you are in need of Root Canal Therapy in Vancouver WA, contact Lewis Family Dentistry. Allow them to schedule you for a consultation appointment so you can learn what treatments can help to protect the health of your teeth. Through their services, your smile can stay healthy and strong. You can also visit them on YouTube.

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