Arrested for Drunk Driving? Hire a DUI Attorney in Reading, PA

Very few people wake up in the morning and decide to go out and get drunk. More often it just happens as part of their day. Perhaps a bunch of the people from work decide to go out for a pizza and beer after work. It seems so innocent to get a second pitcher and enjoy watching the baseball game on the big screen television. By the seventh inning the group is on their third pitcher. Then it’s time to go home and get ready for the next day. The only problem is the police cruiser that pulls them over a few blocks from the bar. When they fail the blood alcohol test, they are arrested.

Their next step should be to say nothing to any of the people at the police station. They should quickly call a DUI attorney in Reading, PA to handle their case. They will be at the jail as soon as possible to speak with the police and prepare for the arraignment hearing. Depending upon the jurisdiction this can happen in the middle of the night or the person may have to wait until morning. They lawyer will review the arresting officer’s report and ensure that they didn’t violate any of the defendant’s civil rights.

For example, the arresting officer had to have probable cause to stop the defendant. Watching him leave the bar and get into a car does not establish probable cause that he was drunk. This is especially true if the blood alcohol limit was barely above the legal limit. The attorney will ask the officer to explicitly state what it was in the defendant’s actions that caused the officer to pull him over. In fact, the defense attorney may ask the bar owner to review the video from the bar’s parking lot cameras. If the video shows someone walking normally to their car and not staggering or acting drunk, this bolster’s the attorney’s case that the police did not have probable cause. Visit their site

In that case, any evidence such as the results of the blood alcohol test is not admissible in court. The attorney may be able to convince the judge at the arraignment hearing or other pre-trial hearings that there isn’t sufficient evidence for the prosecutor to win the case. The judge will then throw out the case.

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