Assisted Living Facilities in Ossining

The trend in health care for those who need help with their regular activities of daily living is in moving toward Assisted Living Ossining instead of going from one’s own home directly into a nursing home. Of course, some clients need the level of care that is provided in nursing homes, but for many who do not need that level of care, it can be an easier transition for them to move into a assisted living residence that feels like a retirement community instead of a nursing facility.

While an Assisted Living Ossining home is not a nursing home, there are a wide range of services available to provide for clients’ health and well being, from health care services to dietary services to transportation. Each client’s care plan is carefully thought out in cooperation with the client, the client’s family, and the client’s physician. There are always staff members working around the clock to ensure each resident’s safety and wellness. Care providers assist with client needs and care around the clock, from bathing and dressing to managing each client’s medications. Residents have the assurance of getting help in going to meals and getting to take part in activities.

Some of those activities include arts and crafts, exercise classes, theme parties, movie nights, bridge, bingo, and other games, and classes in poetry, art, and creative writing. Residents may go on outings to see live theater shows and go bowling. They may receive visits each week from specially trained therapy dogs who have passed the temperament and behavioral requirements to enable them to visit, and residents love interacting with the animals, who may remind them of pets they used to own.

In short, Assisted Living In Ossining is not so much a care facility as it is a living facility. This is a residential community of people from different backgrounds and different faiths, all living together in a similar age group. They have different interests and needs, and their independence is not only respected but encouraged. The goal is to keep them as independent as possible for as long as possible, and provide them with a clean, private, and stimulating place to live.

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