Auto Accident Law Allows Victims to Recover Damages

Those injured in car accidents can recover a variety of damages in personal injury suits, with medical expense claims being the most common. However, victims may also claim damages for lost employment opportunities and wages, and pain and suffering. In this article information can be found on the damages a car accident victim may seek under auto accident law.

Medical Bills
If a person is in an auto accident, their injuries could be minor (such as bruises and cuts) or major (such as permanent disability). Moreover, because some injuries do not show symptoms right away, it is important to have a medical evaluation soon after a car accident. Related medical bills can include any or all of the following:
*Cognitive or physical therapy after a brain injury
*Ambulance fees
*Consultations with doctors
*Medical accessories
*In-home care
*Costs related to disfigurement

If a doctor believes a patient needs additional treatment at settlement time, an attorney can help them calculate costs. If a motorist is held liable for another person’s death, that person’s survivors could file a wrongful death action in addition to suing for medical bill payment.

Pain and Suffering
Auto accident law defines pain and suffering as physical or mental distress that allows an accident victim to seek damages. Post-accident damages are based on the type and severity of the injury and the potential for future discomfort. Pain and suffering can also include emotional or mental damages such as stress and anxiety, and some jurisdictions allow victims to receive compensation for generalized loss of life enjoyment, but not all aware damages the same way. While some allow juries to assume that bodily injury always comes with pain and suffering, others require a victim’s consciousness during an injury to facilitate such a claim.

Lost Income
After an auto accident, an injury can cause a person to lose earning potential. The victim may be out of work due to time in the hospital, mobility issues and other factors, and they must prove that their injuries have kept them from earning and will continue to do so. Juries consider factors such as the victim’s skill level, occupation, age and life expectancy when making awards.

Many losses that are associated with auto accidents are: lost income, pain and suffering and medical bills, which can wipe a person out economically. By hiring a lawyer at, clients can get the money they need and the legal representation they deserve.

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