Avoiding Humidity Troubles When Using Self Storage In Baltimore

When items are placed in an establishment that provides self-storage in Baltimore, the risk of them becoming damaged is a concern to deal with. Placing items in an enclosed spot where humidity is a problem leads to potential damage. Here are some steps a renter try when storing personal items to help to keep them dry.

Use Lifting Devices To Raise Items

Belongings placed on the floor of a storage unit are more at risk than those raised away from the surface. Many storage areas are constructed on top of cement slabs. If the air in a unit is warmer than the floor, condensation forms. Cement is often cooler than other materials, making it a surface that attracts moisture. If puddles form, items resting on this surface are prone to damage. It is best to raise items away from floor level with help from wooden crates or pallets or shelving units.

Check The Condition Of A Unit

When renting a storage unit, taking the time to inspect it beforehand can save items from unnecessary demise due to humidity troubles. If the door does not provide an adequate seal, air will push its way to the interior portion of the unit. Check that there are no gaps present and ask for another unit at the facility if the door seems suspect.

Try A Unit With Climate Control

Climate control adjustments will save items from potential damage. Renting a unit from a storage unit facility with this feature allows the renter to change the interior temperature of their allotted space to a cooler level. This, in turn, will protect items when humidity levels rise outside.

Make Sure Items Are Dry Before Storing

If items are placed inside of a storage unit when they are wet, humidity inside of the space will rise. This could lead to mold or mildew, wood rot, rust, and a variety of other problems with personal belongings. Make sure each item stored is completely dry before storing it.

When there is a need to rent a unit for self-storage in Baltimore, finding a facility with clean and dry space to use is best. Visit The website of S & E Mini Storage to discover more today.

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