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Backhoe Bucket Attachments

Posted By: Leah Austin

Backhoes have a unique appearance, and most people can easily recognize one. They are the distinctive heavy-duty equipment seen along the side of highways, at constructions sites, and on farms. They have a distinctive large arm with a digging bucket attached at the end. A backhoe also called a digger, is a type of excavating equipment, generally used for digging. Backhoes are powerful and can easily rip through huge piles of rocks, soil, and asphalt.

There are three main pieces to a backhoe: the boom, stick, and bucket. The boom moves the bucket which scoops up the material. There are several styles and sizes of bucket attachments available making them a versatile piece of machinery. Perform an internet search to find quality backhoe attachments in Missoula.

Excavator Buckets

Buckets are the main tool on backhoes. They are used to dig up compact material, move dirt, and lift heavy loads. They are handy for transplanting large trees, digging out stump and ditches, moving large rocks, and spreading dirt. Backhoe attachments are available in several different sizes and types depending on the application.

Digger buckets are the most common bucket mounted on excavators. They are used for digging and excavating. Buckets range in size and construction type depending on the job.

A packer wheel attachment is used to compact the soil.

A grading bucket attachment has a wide, smooth lip on the bucket for cleaning ditches or sculpting land.

Ripper buckets are used for digging in limestone, tearing up hard ground or asphalt.

Rock buckets have more power than any other bucket. The teeth on these buckets are designed to break through and crush rocks.

If you are in the market for backhoe attachments in Missoula, you will do well to arrange for a demo to determine if the backhoe is right for your job.

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