Basic Characteristics Of An Electrofusion Machine

When it comes to materials for underground pipe and tube systems, many installation companies are choosing to work with plastic over metal. High-density polyethylene (PE) in the forms of PE 80 and PE 100 plastic pipes are currently providing safe routes for the movement of clean water as well as wastewater, oil, and natural gas. However, pipes require durable and tight jointures if they are not to leak. Traditional welding can only work with metal. Fortunately, for plastic, an option exists – the electrofusion machine.

Why Use an Electrofusion Welding Machine?

To produce precise and tight welds, companies must work with only highly rated electrofusion welding equipment. Technicians must ensure they function properly by calibrating them correctly. Trained personnel understand how best to operate it. They also know this equipment has certain features making it highly functional, efficient and accurate including.

  • Reduction in human error
  • Automatic control
  • Augmented connection integrity
  • Versatile in welding diverse pipe sizes
  • Able to produce precise connections for water and gas pipes and tubing systems
  • Can be lightweight and, therefore portable for on-site applications

Technicians favor the electrofusion machine for in-the-field PE welding applications. They can rely on its ability to produce a durable and precise well for a variety of plastic pipes and tubes. By choosing the right model for the application, they know it can perform the work easily in a factory or field for plastic material necessary to convey gas, oil, potable water or wastewater.

The Durable, Reliable, Portable Electrofusion Machine

Electrofusion welding is a safe and reliable means of executing a durable weld for plastic piping. Estimates state the lifespan of such a weld can be as long as 50 years. With the need to ensure the safe passage of various toxic and pure liquids along plastic corridors, companies need to use only the most reliable technology. Therefore, the natural response is the employment of an electrofusion machine.

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