Basics Of Labor Laws

Labor law in Long Island has been around for many years and many nations around the world have copies of the laws that governed information such as compensation, overworking, and apprenticeship agreements. While the laws of the past are not as detailed as the laws that you follow today, they were put in place for the same reason that they are today

What Are Labor Laws

Labor law in Long Island was put into place in order to protect the workers instead of the business owners. It worked to the advantage of the business owners to let their employee’s work long hours, in bad conditions, with low pay. Many accidents happened on the worksite due to the neglect workers encountered and the mistakes they made after long hours of work.

Labor laws Long Island is a set of rules that all employers must follow. It outlines things such as the age of people working at the business, how many hours a week of work are allowed, and a minimum wage. Other rules may be outlined in different states depending on the needs of that state. Your employer will need to have a system in place to maintain a safe workplace for you and the other employees along with disability insurance and unemployment benefits.

What Labor Laws Do

Labor law is a way to protect you, the employee. It prevents the employer from taking advantage of you at the workplace by setting the minimum wage that you must earn, the maximum hours that you are allowed to work during a week, and the age of workers.

Social Conditions

These laws are in place to help address other social conditions that might apply to a position. Employers cannot discriminate on wages based on your sex; they must pay both women and men the same wage for the same work. Employers are also not allowed to sexually harass anyone in the workplace and can be reported for any signs of discrimination, both in the workplace and in hiring procedures.

Who Enforces These Laws

Many states will provide agencies who will work with any labor issues that may arise. These agencies will perform tasks such as enforcing all current labor laws, make new labor laws, perform any inspections that are needed, and educate all employees to their rights under the current labor laws. These agencies are a good place to start if you need help understanding your rights under current labor laws in Long Island.

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