Basics Of The Florida Lemon Law

It may surprise many consumers and new car buyers to know that there are defective or incorrectly manufactured vehicles that are sold every year right off the dealer’s lot. In fact, there are an estimated 150,000 vehicles sold on an annual basis across the United States that are “unfixable” and result in extended time spend on repairs and high repair costs.

To assist consumers with these types of new vehicle purchases, all states have developed what is known as a “Lemon Law.” In Florida, as in all other states, the specifics of the law have been developed to apply to vehicles purchased in the state that meet the definition of a lemon.

Important Facts with the Florida Lemon Law

The state develops a definition of a vehicle that meets the standard to be considered a lemon. This includes any type of defect or nonconformity that “impairs the use, value or safety” of a new vehicle purchased from a dealer or a vehicle used as a demonstrator.

The owner must notify the dealership within the Florida Lemon Law period of time, which is 2 years and 60 days from the date of possession by the owner. The dealer can make attempts to correct the problem, and this is defined as a reasonable number, which is three or more time or 15 or more days in the shop.

Tips for Vehicle Owners

It is essential to keep records of all trips to the dealership about any issues with the new vehicle. All paperwork should be requested by the owner, and make sure the date, the issue with the vehicle as well as odometer readings and any costs to the owner are recorded.

If the dealer does not fix the problem after three trips back for the same issue, the owner must notify the manufacturer by writing by certified mail. The same can happen if the vehicle is at the dealership for the repair for fifteen or more days as a cumulative total.

It is helpful to work with a Lemon Law attorney if there are concerns about the vehicle. The attorney can provide information specific to the Lemon Laws in the state and providing legal representation as needed.

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