Bathroom Renovation Tips

Before starting on any bathroom renovation in Gainesville  GA, there are a few factors to consider. Browse around and get an idea of the materials you wish to use and how much they cost. Based on your personal preferences create a reasonable budget. This budget should include labor, installation of main components, accessories and a contingency just in case unforeseen issues should arise. Hire a good contractor. This will save you valuable time and money. Lastly, design accordingly for the people utilizing the space.

Completely renovating a bathroom
Whether you have just moved in to a fixer upper, or have been dealing with your ugly nonfunctional bathroom for a while, there are complete bathroom re-dos for any budget. The essentials of any bathroom are a bathing facility, toilet and sink. The only differentiating factor is the budget. For a luxury jet bathtub accompanied by a stand up shower with glass surround cost in upwards of 5,000 dollars. While a standard tub and shower combo with nothing fancy can be installed for about 750 dollars. A single run of the mill vanity can be 100 dollars, while a double granite vanity install can be 1000 dollars. Toilets can range anywhere from 100 to 800 dollars as well. These are just a few examples of how the prices of Bathroom renovations in Gainesville GA can vary.

Hiring the right contractor
It is important to verify that the contractor you hire is licensed and certified in his field. You don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they are doing working on your home. Also verify insurance coverage. In the unlikely event that property damage should occur during bathroom renovations, you want to make sure the contractor can cover the cost. It is also recommended that you hire someone locally based, as they will be more knowledgeable of local suppliers, making it more cost efficient and speedier for you in the long run. Go to their website and read the testimonials. This will give you some indication of how the company values their clients’ time and budget.

Design accordingly
If the space is going to be utilized by a person with special needs such as an individual with disabilities or an elderly person, there are options that can be installed to make their bathroom experience easier. There are hand railings, walk in tubs, toilet supports and seating designs all geared towards people with special needs. These are relatively easy to install, it’s just a matter of incorporating the materials into your budget. Also, if there are two or more people sharing the same bathroom, it may wise to consider upgrading the vanity or shutting the toilet into its own closet for more privacy. There are endless design options to choose from.

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