Benefits Of Choosing A General Electric DC Motor 504AT

General Electric makes a range of DC motors from their small DC motors to their large industrial motors. One of the most popular options for general types of industrial and commercial use is the General Electric DC motor 504AT.

This is a motor that offers several standard features that have created a solid reputation for General Electric. The company itself has been producing DC motors for industry for over a century and a quarter, and all the motors they offer meet all required NEMA specifications. They are motors found around the world, and they have a well-earned reputation for performance and having the power and versatility to work in many different types of industries and applications.

The General Electric DC motor 504AT uses the 504AT frame, which is designed to offer superior performance. These frames are typically round steel and are carefully designed to allow for precise mounting of the bearing brackets.

This is combined with Class F insulation and antifriction bearings that require limited maintenance and are designed to allow for easy regular service as well as replacement. They can also be upgraded to include the tachometer and encoder, which is an important consideration for many uses.


The General Electric DC motor 504AT offers the DPFG or drip proof, fully guarded and self-ventilated enclosure. The enclosure also meets both NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) definitions and standards.

The benefit of this type of enclosure in working environments means that any type of liquid droplets or solid materials or debris that hit the enclosure do not impact the operation of the motor. Instead, the design of the vents on the enclosure prevents solids from entering and liquids to stay on the exterior of the enclosure.

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