Benefits Of Elevator Modernization In Washington, DC

Building owners install elevators to help the residents or clients get to the floor that they need quickly and easily. Most people don’t want to climb four plus floors to get where they need to go. Many people who own older buildings don’t worry about their elevators as long as they go up and down and the elevator meets safety codes. While these things are important, there are a few reasons why the owner should consider elevator modernization in Washington DC.

Modernized Elevators Are More Aesthetically Pleasing

Most building owners care a great deal about the appearance of the interior of their buildings. They can update everything in the lobby from the furniture to the flooring to the paint. However, if there is a dated elevator in the lobby, it will take away from what the owner is trying to do. If they have the elevator modernized while they make the rest of the updates, the whole lobby will look modern and more aesthetically pleasing.

Energy Efficiency

Old elevators waste a great deal of energy when they go from floor to floor. Even the lights in older elevators waste a great deal of electricity. Today’s modern elevator technology is very energy efficient. If the business owners were to have their old drive system and various smaller components replaced, they can get a great deal of money on their energy bill each year.

Modernization Will Impress Clients or Tenants

If the building owner is a business owner, they want their clients to have a good impression the second they walk into the building. If the building is residential, the owner will want their rent-paying tenants to be happy with the building. Dated elevators often don’t make a good first impression. Also, dated elevators take longer to get from floor to floor, which can be frustrating.

Improved Performance

Most elevators travel at the same speed whether they are old or new. However, modernized elevators perform better. This is because when the call button is hit in a modernized elevator, the electronic system will communicate faster. This allows the elevator to get to the necessary floor in a shorter period.

Elevator Modernization in Washington DC is a great way for a building owner to save money, save time, and improve the overall appearance of the building. For more information, call Elevator Technologies Inc. for more information.

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