Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Since you have your choice from such a wide array of flooring options, it may be difficult to decipher the available information and ultimately decide which one would be the best option for you and your purpose. Hard wood floors, carpeting, tiles and even linoleum have probably crossed your mind as viable options before epoxy flooring. Maybe you feel like you do not know enough about this option and the fear of the unknown is keeping you from including it as a possibility. The more you learn about epoxy floors, the more you will discover the benefits and advantages of this option.

The Basics

An epoxy floor is made up of multiple layers of epoxy. Epoxy is a complex substance made of hardener and resin which create a hard, plastic material perfect for floor coverings thanks to its strength and durability. Layers of this substance are poured onto the floor. This means that the finished product will be seamless and smooth with no cracks between boards like you see in hardwood or grout lines between tiles which are impossible to clean.


The ultra smooth surface is slip, fire, chemical, and heat resistant. As you can imagine, this makes it a highly desirable surface for a range of commercial enterprises. Manufacturing and industrial companies like it for its durability and strength, since floors in these facilities are subject to harsh environments and a lot of wear and tear. Laboratories and doctor’s offices like it for the ease with which it can be kept clean, with no cracks or pores for bacterial to hide.


Even though these floors were built to last, this does not mean they have the look of a sterile industrial environment. There are plenty of ways to customize these floors to make them suitable for use inside the home. As a design hub region for the world, you may want to look for the options in Epoxy Flooring New York City and the Long Island area have to offer.

The experts at Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation have experience pouring floors for all types of purposes. At you will find examples of the quality craftsmanship and appeal of these floors.


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