Benefits of Laser Cutting in Auburn, WA

Parts fabricators can use laser cutting to safely and precisely cut materials ranging from metal to foam, paper, rubber, plastic, and more. In an industrial context, the primary application for laser cutting is fabricating metal parts. Read on to find out about a few advantages of laser cutting Auburn, WA business owners should know about before they choose a metal fabricator.

Incredible Precision

Lasers can be used to cut metal and other materials with more precision than traditional methods. It offers highly accurate cuts with a clean, smooth finish. This allows metal fabricators to make parts, components, and products that are much smaller with higher accuracy.

Less Waste

Since laser cutting is more accurate than other methods used in metal fabrication, it allows metal fabricators to create products and parts with less waste. This can be better for both the environment and companies’ bottom lines, as fabricators that have laser cutting capabilities can often pass some of their material and waste disposal savings on to their customers.

Quick Results

When they use laser cutting Auburn, WA metal fabricators can work much faster. This allows them to fill customers’ orders quickly and efficiently, even if they require small, precision cuts.

Impressive Versatility

Industrial laser cutters can be used to cut up to 1″ thick steel, ¾” thick stainless steel, and ½” thick aluminum. Plus, lasers can be used to cut structural and piping materials as well as sheet metals.

High-Quality Surface Finish

Lasers melt, burn, or vaporize away material. This leaves the finished product with a clean, high-quality surface finish. Not all customers care what the surface finish of their components looks like, but those who produce consumer products that need to look good will find that this benefit of laser cutting helps them cut back on finishing costs.

Learn More Today

Interested in learning more about the laser cutting process and what kinds of metal projects can be completed using this method? Find a dependable metal fabricator like Specialty Metals whose representatives are willing to answer all their clients’ questions. Visit the website to learn more about the company or call to get a free price estimate today.

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