Benefits Of New Homes Over Resale Homes

Owning their own home is a goal that many people have. They want to stop paying their landlord’s mortgage and start paying their own. When a person finds themselves financially prepared to buy a home, they need to decide if they are going to buy a new home or a resale home. Of the two options, New Homes have the most benefits.

The Homeowner Won’t Be Inheriting the Previous Owner’s Problems

When a person buys a resale home, they are taking a risk. Any pre-existing problems with the home will still be there when the new owner moves in. Many problems can be caught during the home inspection; however, some problems won’t pop up until after. When a person buys a new home, there will be no pre-existing problems to worry about.

A More Modern Home

One of the biggest benefits of buying a new home is that it will have a modern design. If the home was built 10 or more years ago, it won’t have all of the modern updates that a new home will have. When the home is modern, the homeowner won’t need to worry about making costly updates.

Energy Efficient

A new home is much more energy efficient than a resale home. Even homes that were built 10 years ago won’t be as energy efficient as a new home. When a home is energy efficient, it can save the homeowner thousands of dollars each year.

Move In and Live

If a person buys a new home, they can move right in and get unpacked. If a person buys a resale home, there might be problems and things that they don’t like about the home that they want to change. This would make it take longer for the individual to move in. If they have to move in right away, life can be very inconvenient if there is construction going on. This wouldn’t be an issue with a new home.

If a person is ready to buy a home and they don’t want to worry about making updates and repairs, they should look into New Homes rather than resales. A new home makes it possible to move right into the home without needing to call a contractor and start construction. For more information, contact Lancia Homes. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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