Benefits of Obtaining Dental Implants From Dentists in Ocala

One of the most upsetting dental issues that many people may find themselves facing is missing teeth. Lost teeth can present a person with a variety of issues that can be difficult to overcome. This can lead them to visit Dentists in Honolulu to see what types of options are available to help them in resolving this issue.

In the past, many of the treatment options that Dental Implants Ocala could offer patients could often be problematic on their own. Dentures were often the main option that many patients were given. Many times dentures could be created to look like natural teeth, but they often did not feel or fit like one’s own teeth. This could cause them to be uncomfortable. In addition, dentures that did not fit in the mouth well could cause pain and sores. Poor fitting dentures also were prone to slipping or moving when the patient was eating or speaking. This caused many persons to be self-conscious and embarrassed about their teeth.

Today dentist in Honolulu can offer dental implants to their patients. Dental implants can eliminate many of the issues that dentures and other treatment options caused. This is because a dental implant is designed to not only look natural but to feel and fit in a more natural way. This can greatly improve their benefits.

Dentists in Honolulu will generally conduct tests on a patient to make sure that they have enough bone mass to support an endosteal dental implant. This type of implant generally consists of surgically placing a rod made of titanium or another biocompatible material into the patient’s jawbone. The rod is left in place for a period of time so that osseointegration or bonding of the rod to the bone can take place. This process makes the implant more stable and provides a solid foundation for whatever types of dental appliances the dentist needs to attach to the implant.

Most Dentists in Honolulu will attach a crown, bridge, partial or full denture to the implants. The type of appliance used generally depends on the amount of teeth missing and in some situations the budget restrictions of the patient. Once the appliance is in place, the patient will have replacement teeth that look natural and can make it easier to eat, talk and smile without worrying about having to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about the way their teeth look or move.

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