Benefits of Summer Camp and Summer Camp Activities in Fairfield CT

Each year over 14 million children head to summer camp. After this experience, and the fun and educational Summer Camp Activities in Fairfield CT, campers are going to return home with much more than just a nice t-shirt. Keep reading to learn more about summer camp and the benefits it offers here.

Camp Helps to Nurture Social Skills

Summer camp is a community away from a child’s school and their home. It’s a place where they can work together and learn from adult mentors, manage conflict, and build relationships. Camp teaches those who attend how to navigate through various group dynamics, to help make each other happy, and to support friends who may feel sad.

Camp Helps to Model Healthy Living

According to information provided by the Centers for Disease Control, the obesity level in children has more than doubled, and for teens, it has quadrupled in the past three decades. Thanks to the many Summer Camp Activities in Fairfield, CT, kids remain physically active and busy.

There are more and more camps that are also now offering healthier food options for campers. Camps are offering wholesome foods and ensuring everyone eats more fruits and vegetables. There are some that are even providing campers with gardening and cooking tracks, teaching children how to grow their nutritious food.

Camp Increases Self-Confidence

According to another study, up to 70 percent of parents have reported that their child gained self-confidence while they were at camp. It didn’t matter if they worked through homesickness or if they tackled a new activity that pushed them beyond their comfort zone; kids leave with a stronger sense of self-reliance, and personal pride.

Build Relationships

In a world of distracting digital devices, the camp provides the opportunity for attendees to unplug and build new relationships. This also eliminates the pressures, social structure of school and labels.

When it comes to summer camp activities, there are more than a few factors to keep in mind. Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by this experience, as all children should experience it. More information about these activities and the benefits they offer can be found by taking the time to visit domain.

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