Benefits of Using a Cloud Point of Sale System

There has been a good bit of discussion in regards to traditional brick and mortar merchants switching from their traditional point of sale system, to a cloud point of sale system that is able to be run from any mobile device of tablet. The fact is that there are a number of benefits and advantages to making this switch that can actually make your business more efficient and productive. The benefits are highlighted here.

Primary Benefits of Cloud POS

The first benefit offered to those that switch their POS to the cloud is data access. This service gives store owners access to data and the ability to manage the POS from anywhere. Another appealing advantage of using the cloud is the fact that you receive instant upgrades. The cloud point of sale system provider will ensure that you have the latest technology and security that you will need to continue using the service into the further. The cloud based POS systems also offer easy integration. You can easily integrate any gift card, payment or loyalty program into the cloud platform that you select.

Cost Comparison

A traditional POS system will typically charge business owners a software license fee for each register and then a maintenance fee each year that will include 20 percent for any upgrades. Additionally, the support and training for the software is rarely included in the original price. If you discover that you are not happy with the services or purchase, you will still be out the cost of the service.

A cloud point of sale system will allow you to only pay a monthly fee with noting required upfront (in most cases). If you do not like the services, you are able to cancel the service at any time. Additionally, the payment will cover the support, software, backups and the future upgrades. You will also not be surprised with new charges in the future.

While transitioning your POS system can be a bit tricky, a quality cloud provider will include importing all of your information in the setup of the system. This will allow you to begin to reap the benefits that the cloud has to offer your point of sale system.

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