Benefits of Using a Furnace Repair in New Haven IN for Pre Season Maintenance

As winter approaches, many people may find it is a good time to have their furnace checked over by a technician from a Furnace Repair in New Haven IN. In doing this, a homeowner can feel more confident that their unit is ready to handle the cold days of the upcoming season. This can be very beneficial, as it can be very inconvenient and sometimes quite costly if one experiences problems with their unit during the height of the season.

When a repair person comes to check over a Furnaces New Haven IN, one of the primary things they will do is to spend time cleaning the system. This is important as a dirty unit not only functions inefficiently, but it can also cause the unit to operate under a strain that can lead to the unit needing to be replaced sooner than expected. Generally, the technician will use a high-powered vacuum that can clean the dirt and other debris that tends to collect in and around the various elements of the system. The filter will also be checked and replaced if necessary.

The unit’s thermostat will also be calibrated to ensure it is properly registering the correct temperature within the home. This is very important as this reading determines whether a furnace is switched on or remains off. The thermostat will then be put to a setting that will trigger the furnace to come on so that the burner section of the unit can be inspected.

A technician will be able to tell a good deal about the burner just by examining how the flames on the burner appear when they are lit. Flames should be blue and steady. If they are not, the unit may be dirty or have other types of combustion issues. If such is the case, the repair person will want to spend some time cleaning the burner unit to make sure it is working properly.

Finally, the blower will need to be inspected. The blower is responsible for moving the heated air into the home, so it can be extremely important that this system is working at its best. A professional will spend some time examining the motor of the unit to make sure it shows no signs of damage or disrepair. The fan will be cleaned and the fan belt will be replaced if it is necessary.

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