Benefits to Blu-Ray DVD Authoring

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Business

For businesses putting a movie to disc, choosing to go with Blu-ray DVD authoring should be a no-brainer. While straight DVD recording is still the norm, opting for a Blu-ray burn increases profits and turns out a higher quality product. People who’ve gone the extra mile to invest in the technology to play higher definition media will take the opportunity to get it, even if it means paying a higher price.

The move from VHS to DVD changed the movie world considerably. It wasn’t just about better quality but about reproducing that quality. Movie piracy jumped to seismic proportions to a level that actually caused difficulties for studios. Then came the year 2000 and Sony’s involvement in higher definition disc video.

Consumers sometimes think it was Toshiba’s HD DVD option that hit the market first. In truth, they were just the first to get their option to the market. Sony developed Blu-ray first, and eventually won the battle by including premium anti-piracy software into their technology. While it is possible to copy Blu-ray discs, it’s also more difficult. This is why Hollywood eventually embraced Blu-ray over HD DVD. This is one of the major benefits behind Blu-ray DVD authoring.

Piracy hurts sales regardless of what a business is selling. It may be a major motion picture, a beginner project or an instructional video series. Preventing people from passing it along saves sales and preserves your product’s value.

Besides the practical benefits, however, you open the door to more sales by choosing Blu-ray DVD authoring. In the beginning when the technology was just emerging, Blu-ray players were expensive. The first player produced commercially cost nearly $700. Today, after being incorporated into home gaming and entertainment systems, playing Blu-ray discs has become more affordable. Consumers who’ve made the leap choose higher quality products when they’re available.

Choosing Blu-ray formatting makes good financial and business sense. You produce your product, increase the public’s perception of value in your product, and open the door to higher profits by being able to charge more for your product. This common sense decision adds to your expenses, but in the end, the investment is worth it.


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