Best Home Builders Can Build Houses With Towers And Turrets

Home Builders can construct houses in old-fashioned styles such as Queen Anne, bungalow, Craftsman and farmhouse. They can also modify these designs to suit the customers.

For instance, someone may love the idea of a tower or turret that is essential to the Queen Anne design, but not want so many elaborate decorative details. The home can be constructed to convey warmth, charm, and tradition while still being more subtle than the true Queen Anne style.


What is the difference between a tower and a turret? The tower is built from the ground up. It may project beyond the rest of the homes exterior, but it doesnt have to.

A turret begins on one of the upper levels and not on the ground. It always projects beyond the exterior wall and typically reaches higher than the other highest point of the roof. These features provide unique interior spaces as well as intriguing features on the outside.

Private Spaces

Towers and turrets as constructed by home builders in Fort Myers, FL, are especially appealing as private spaces within a house occupied by several people. Someone might use a turret as a home office, a sewing room or a place to work on that novel. Often, a turret has a large amount of glass. Since its upstairs, the expanse of window space allows for views of the yard, scenery or the neighborhood.

Floor Plans

A tower, as constructed by a contractor such as LHS New Construction & Remodeling, is a bit different because it includes both stairways and rooms. It might have a spiral staircase for something truly different, with landings on each story. A very large house in a modified castle design might have three stories with the tower extending beyond that, resulting in one room atop the house.

The rooms created by towers and turrets usually are extensions of the floor they are located on. They can be entirely open to that floor or closed off with a door for extra privacy. Its possible for a turret to be above the floor its primarily connected to, in which case it is reached with two or three stairs. You can visit them at LHS New Construction & Remodeling.

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