Best Method for Varicose Vein Removal

To decide what the best Varicose Veins Removal in San Jose method is going to be in a specific case, an individual usually must go to a doctor who is specialized in Phlebology and not to any doctor. The physician, after ultrasound mapping of sources reflux can suggest what removal technique is likely to be the most effective and safest, taking into consideration all underlying medical conditions. It is ideal, if the evaluating and doctor who performs the treatment, is doing the ultrasound mapping for sorting out reflux paths and incompetent valves in each individual. An important fact which must be adhered to, is do perform the ultrasound reflux mapping with the patient in standing position. This simple fact and requirement, is unfortunately ignored by many medical centers, who claim to be vein centers. Report of any varicose veins study and mapping for venous reflux sources that is done in supine position, cannot be trusted.

Why do people choose varicose vein removal?

Oftentimes, individuals choose varicose vein removal because veins within their legs are causing them to suffer swelling and pain. Occasionally blood clots appear close to the surface of the leg, and bleeding also may occur. In a few instances, varicose veins will cause a patients’ legs to feel achy and heavy, and patients might become self-conscious about showing off their bare legs. They might determine to pursue treatment for any combination of those reasons.

There are multiple methods utilized to remove and treat varicose veins. Some patients are going to choose conservative ways to treat varicose veins. It may involve compression stockings and utilizing herbal remedies to assist in treating the condition which in actuality cannot treat the condition. Corrective treatment choices involve surgery and thermal ablation laser treatment. Sclerotherapy is very important in completing treatment of varicose veins and unsightly leg veins. Endovenous Radial laser ablation have proved to be a big step in achieving great results and offer patients convenience and possibility to return to work and routine activities immediately after the ablation procedure.

Laser therapy

Endovenous Laser therapy (ablation) includes one of the typically used techniques of Varicose Veins Removal in San Jose. This treatment involve insertion and advancing a laser fiber-optic inside the targeted varicose veins through an IV line like catheter uder simple local anesthesia. Then tumescent anesthesia is applied around the path of the varicose veins. Then laser is turned on and the fiber-optic slowly is pulled out. Tip of the fiber-optic delivery the laser energy to the inner lining of the targeted varicose vein and results in permanent closure (ablation) of the vein. When treatment is done correctly, patient feel a remarkable improvement in symptoms with a day after the treatment, such as major reduction in leg pain and muscle cramps and leg pressure and itching in leg and decreased in ankle edema.

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