Best Way To Get From Ann Arbor To DTW

The city of Ann Arbor in the US state of Michigan was founded in 1824 and is the county seat of Washtenaw County. In the 2010 census its population numbered 113,934. There is nothing really exciting in those statistics so why do people want to visit there?

A major reason is that, in 1837, The University of Michigan moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor. As of 2012, this world renowned university had 43,426 enrolled students and boasted of around half a million living alumni. The University employs some 30,000 workers making it an important part of the economy of Ann Arbor. The University alone is enough to make large numbers of people need to visit Ann Arbor and, after conducting whatever business brought them there, return to their home towns both across the Nation and overseas.

Available Transportation To & From Ann Arbor

Amtrak and Greyhound buses serve the area but, in this day and age, more travelers prefer to fly in and out of their destinations. Fortunately, the main domestic and international airport for Detroit (DTW or Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport), is located about 25 miles away from Ann Arbor. True, this is about a 40 minute or so drive from the University campus but the road system is good and there are options available for those needing to get from Ann Arbor To DTW.

The journey can be made by public bus and there are shuttle services but these may not always be convenient to your required pick up point and may give problems to passengers with luggage. Taxis are an option but, when going to an airport, you cannot really rely on flagging one down in the street and making an advance taxi booking when not in your home town may not be totally reliable.

Fortunately, for anyone needing to get from Ann Arbor To DTW there are airport limousine companies that can be easily booked to pick you up from wherever you are and get you out to the correct terminal at the airport in plenty of time for you to check in and complete security arrangements for your flight. Mainly, they use chauffeur driven late model sedans or SUV’s – nothing too ostentatious; just a comfortable and efficient ride so you arrive at your check in unflustered and ready to go – regardless of the time of day or night.

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