Bitcoin ATM Locations in Cincinnati, OH, by RockItCoin

By moving authentication to the more secure blockchain architecture, Bitcoin has changed the way that payments are processed. In fact, that underlying blockchain infrastructure could well rival AI and machine learning as the most important innovations of the past twenty years. However, none of that is reassuring if you want to buy or sell Bitcoin now. Luckily, if you are in the Cincinnati area, buying or selling Bitcoin is as easy as going to the ATM.

Bitcoin ATM Locations in Cincinnati, OH

Unfortunately, there aren’t any ATMs in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area that allow you to sell Bitcoin for cash. Those can be found across the state in Cleveland, as well as in Louisville.

Instead, there are five RockItCoin ATMs in the Cincinnati area that allows you to purchase Bitcoin. As a reminder, you can buy cryptocurrency at any Bitcoin ATM locations in Cincinnati OH.

Four RockItCoin ATMs are located within the city of Cincinnati itself. These tend to be in the northern parts of the city, not far from the Ronald Reagan Cross Country Highway. One location is closer to the Ohio River to the west of downtown. Additionally, there is another RockItCoin ATM in Loveland, just off of Interstate 275. No matter where you’re at, a RockItCoin ATM is only a short drive away.

Using RockItCoin ATMs

While not every ATM can let you buy or sell Bitcoin, those from RockItCoin can. To find the closest Bitcoin ATM locations in Cincinnati, OH, or anywhere else that you may find yourself, visit their website.

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