Blended Family and Step-Parenting – What You Need to Know

When it comes to a blended family and step-parenting, there are many obstacles to overcome. When you bring together people into a new relationship, things do not always go well. Yet, blended families are more common today. People marry and divorce often, creating situations where it can be very difficult for families to know what is happening in terms of legal requirements. When it comes down to it, some of these situations require a very customized decision-making process. Here are a few things to consider.

How Do Blended Families Impact Spousal Support?

When you remarry, things change when it comes to spousal support. In most support decrees, it is stated that your spousal support will stop if you get married again. That means that remarrying means an adjustment in family income.

What About Child Support?

In some situations, child support agreements can change after remarriage, but not all the time. Generally speaking, if you are required to pay for your child’s wellbeing, it does not matter if that spouse remarries. However, the amount of money you make can be impacted by how much your new family brings in. If you remarry, you may need to provide more support to your other child.

What about Legalities with Older Children?

It is important to understand the role that you play in another person’s life. That includes financial stability. If you marry a person who has children from another marriage, you may now gain some financial responsibility for that child’s wellbeing as well. In older children, this can change requirements again.

The key here is to understand what your legal requirements are based on the divorce decree that you have for yourself or the one that governs your child through custody and child support.

Unsure of What You Should Expect?

It is not uncommon for blended family and step-parenting to become problematic and complex. Yet, you should never make the mistake of assuming that you know what has to be done. If you have a court reorder requiring you to make payments, continue to do so. In the meantime, work with your attorney to learn what additional steps you need to take to protect your rights in these situations.

At Keller Legal Services, we can help you by providing guidance and support to you throughout this process. You will find that there are supportive solutions available to you for many situations.

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