Boutique Shopping for your Kitchen and Bathroom

It is easy to give into the urge to do your shopping at one large store when you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom. However, if you are looking for the kind of remodel that features unique touches to create truly original rooms, then shopping at an all in one store is counter intuitive. To create stunning designer kitchens and bathrooms with a style all your own you need to start doing some boutique shopping.

A Tile Store in Brooklyn
Yes, you can find a wide variety of tiles at your local home renovation store, but they are the same tiles thousands of home owners have used for the past several years. Although these big box stores do stay up with the latest trends, the latest trends are not necessarily what you want to create your own look and style. You want to seek out a tile store Brooklyn has hidden for years, where choices are diverse and provide you with a sense of inspiration. A boutique tile shop will lead you to tiles you didn’t know existed and open your eyes to new ideas for your kitchen or bathroom design.

A Cabinet Shop in the Upper East Side
Your cabinets cannot be an assembly line pre-fabricated design. You want to feel the wood and touch the materials that you will choose for your custom cabinets. Whether you are creating a bathroom vanity or storage or you kitchen cabinets and pantry, custom designed cabinetry hand made by talented carpenters will give your remodel the unique finishes you desire. And don’t be fooled that you can only get ultra modern looks from a big box store. The well-kept secret of the Upper East Side knows about modern design as well.

A Lighting Shop in the West Village
Your journey will continue and you may end up at a charming lighting shop in the West Village no one knew was there. They may provide you with the ultra modern choices you are looking for to hang over your custom kitchen peninsula or island or a well honed antique chandelier for over your kitchen table. Or they may have the wall sconces in patinaed bronze to flank your bathroom mirror or the vanity lights in sparkling crystal and brushed nickel you could never quite get right to hang above your vanity.

The perfect remodels for your home require the discoveries made at the boutique shops of Manhattan.


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