Breaking Down the Popularity of Cuban Cigars – Deceptive or Deserved?

Are Cuban cigars really superior? Many smokers have asked themselves this over the decades, and many different answers have been offered by so-called experts. Here’s what you need to know if you’re debating in investing in some world-class Cigars – or even some affordable Cuban cigars at Tesco:

A Matter of Taste

As with all things related to smoking and the enjoyment of tobacco products, determining whether Cuban cigars are truly superior comes down to a matter of taste. There are many consumers who will tell you that their favorite smoke they’ve ever had was not from a Cuban cigar. Many others will argue that you can’t even begin to enjoy tobacco the way you should unless it’s sourced from Cuba. Part of this popularity might be purely cultural; when enough people claim something is the best, others will begin to believe it. However, many experience and discerning smokers agree that the superiority of Cuban tobacco and cigars is much more than that.

Reasons for Preference Vary

The reason why so many smokers prefer Cuban cigars vary almost as much as the individual tastes of those smokers. One of the most commonly cited reasons is the climate of Cuba. The warm, balmy weather in Cuba and the surrounding areas make for good growing conditions for the tobacco that goes into locally-made cigars – and it’s hard to mimic. It certainly makes sense that cigars whose contents are grown in this region are richer in flavor than those sourced elsewhere.

Ultimately, whether you’re buying your Cuban cigars online from a top-rated retailer or just picking up cheap Cuban cigars at Tesco, experts agree that you really will notice a difference. The only way to know for sure if that difference is one that will make you go back again and again for Cuban tobacco is to try it and make your own decision!

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