Brighten Up Your Home with Recessed Lighting in the Kitchen

by | Sep 7, 2012 | Business

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Most families use the kitchen space for much more than simply preparing meals. It is often the gathering place where your family comes together to talk, coordinate schedules, cook, and eat meals. Adding appropriate lighting to your kitchen is crucial to increase its functionality and make it an inviting place where friends and family want to gather. You can brighten up your home and transform the overall atmosphere by installing recessed lighting in kitchen spaces.

Recessed lighting is a great choice in the kitchen because it can be placed in specific zones for ultimate functionality.  For instance, you might need more light above your countertops for easier food preparation. Maybe you want recessed lighting in kitchen cabinets that are dark and hard to see.  Whether you use lights to accent your grandmother’s china collection or simply to brighten the space and create a cheerful atmosphere, lighting is an essential part of any kitchen’s décor.

Recessed lighting is popular because it is sleek and simple. There are no clunky light fixtures drawing attention away from your décor, but you get the perfect amount of light to accomplish all of the different activities you do in the kitchen. For the ultimate results, use recessed lights throughout the kitchen in specific zones. Try to use recessed lighting in kitchen spaces such as countertops or islands. Install the lights where they are focused on areas of visual interest. You can use the recessed lights in combination with standard ceiling lights as accent lighting or you can use them alone as the single source of lighting spread throughout the kitchen.

If you choose to use only recessed lighting, you will need to create a plan to layout where the lights should be located for adequate brightness. Aim to have a lights spread four to six feet apart. This will create an even, soft lighting throughout the room without leaving any dark corners.  You could also choose to install recessed lighting around the perimeter of your kitchen. Then you can aim the lights around the room to highlight countertops and other work areas.

You can create versatility for your recessed lighting in kitchen spaces by adding a dimmer switch. You can dim the lights during the day when natural sunlight provides most of the needed lighting in the kitchen. Then you can turn them up to full brightness at night when you need extra lighting to prepare meals. Try adding multiple dimmer switches to control individual lighting zones.  With a little work, you can create the perfect lighting design for your kitchen and use recessed lighting to make the space functional and beautiful for your family to enjoy.

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