Budget Hotels in Kensington Offering Quality Affordable Lodging

1Do you have a dream of enjoying a London vacation but do not think you can afford such a lavish vacation? It can cost thousands to visit London and that is out of reach for a lot of people. But it is possible to realize this dream vacation in your lifetime by saving on lodging accommodations alone. The major wallet hitter when vacationing anywhere is the hotel room and that is the main consideration for the would be traveler. Most hotels located in vacation hot spots such as London England charge enormously outrageous rates simply because they know that people will pay the price in order to fulfill their dream fantasy of visiting the queens homeland.

There are less costly alternatives when considering where to stay while in London. One of the increasingly popular choices is to lodge at a bed and breakfast such as Eden Plaza in Kensington. These hotels are budget friendly offering complimentary breakfast and all of the comfortable amenities that the more expensive hotels offer but at a fraction of the cost. Amenities include WIFI, tea and coffee makers in all of the rooms, hair dryer, air conditioning and t.v.’s. The relaxed morning breakfast starts your fun filled day off on a good healthy start with fresh coffee, tea and an array of hot breakfast choices.

Location is a very important attribute for any hotel depending on the areas of the city you want to explore. Most of the bed and breakfast’s are located within the city close to the more popular attractions London has to offer such as Knightsbridge, Harrods, museums, Madame Tussaud’s and Hyde Park just to name a few. This area of London is absolutely breathtaking and can be enjoyed at the fullest while on your dream vacation.

2.Saving money on lodging accommodations can allow you to spend more on other fun things such as shopping at the best London has to offer like Harrods and dining at any of the fine restaurants in this lovely city. Also staying at one of the more affordable hotels being located centrally in the city can save you big bucks on transportation as well since most of the more popular sites are within walking distance of one another. London is indeed affordable and waiting for you at budget hotels in Kensington.

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