Building a Home for the Future

Residential areas are those which are specifically used for the building of homes. They are small towns, parts of a small town, areas of a large town or suburbs of a city, but mostly they are where people build their lives. There is a stark difference between a residential area and an industrial area or commercial area. Many zoning laws dictate that a residential area may not contain commercial or business premises and must only include single or multi-family homes, mobile homes or elderly residential homes.  The area can sometimes include small stores, convenience stores, and other types of business, but those buildings and businesses must comply with local zoning regulations.

Rules and Regulations

It is not unheard of for people to save money to buy a property and build their own home upon it. A home may already exist on the land, but it has been neglected over time, or simply does not match with the new owner’s requirements for living there. Therefore, the new owner can obtain permission to tear down the building, salvage any original pieces to keep or sell and reconstruct a new home on the plot where the old one sat. Some areas don’t require specific permission, but some areas must have it. If you are not sure which category your new land falls into, check with your local county clerk or property department.

Residential construction in North Haledon may require specific permits, agreements or plans in order to proceed with the construction of a new property, so if you are considering building your own home, get advice before you start. Each area and county had its own regulations as to the building and construction of properties with certain jurisdictions. Residential areas may also take into consideration certain public features, like traffic calming, low speed limits, cul-de-sacs or looped roads to keep the residential continuum.

There are many critics of some residential areas, saying that they tend to fall outside if the general community, they are too isolated or they are elitist. This can affect a community in many ways because it causes separation and many commuter towns have residents who simply work away from the area in which they live, which doesn’t create a community atmosphere.  However, many of those commuters simply want to do their jobs and do home to the quiet solitude of their area for some peace.

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