Building Self-Esteem for the Disabled

There are several facilities geared for the developmentally disabled which offer support and a safe environment for a loved one to attend. Many day habilitation in Dartmouth, MA programs offer people with disabilities the opportunity to improve their social skills, too. Playing games and being involved in groups is critical to learning how to act and behave in a social setting.

Games like bingo, video games and board games challenge the person to think and react to win but also to help them learn how to gracefully lose. Other programs such as art programs and craft programs also teach essential society-based skills for people with disabilities. If you are looking for a well-rounded day habilitation in Dartmouth MA, look for one that also offers coffee hour, dances and other socially relaxing activities.

In addition to those features listed above, you should also be looking for a wellness center that provides some adventure and a rush of adrenalin to the people with disabilities. An adventure-based therapy program with a focus on building self-esteem and confidence, physical strength and coordination goes a long way in helping people learn to realize and trust their own capabilities. Programs which offer these types of activities will do so with the use of horses in a farm environment. You should expect a full gambit of physical activities, therapies for speech and motor skills as well as art programs and music programs and exciting programs involving horses to give your loved one the support and nurturing they need.

Hippotherapy is a recognized therapeutic program using horses as a means to assist and enhance traditional physical, speech and occupational therapies. It is quite incredible to watch a therapist using a horse to help grade a person’s motor and sensory skills. The expected results are an increase in neurological function and the ability to better process stimuli. Hippotherapy differs from therapeutic horseback riding where a person is taught specific riding skills. In hippotherapy, the movement of the horse is used to treat a person with certain motor skill deficiencies. Programs designed to increase a person’s awareness of nature, to be stimulated by the natural world and to learn how to behave and engage their environment serve a tremendous purpose in helping those with disabilities.

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