Bundling Policies Saves Money!

Insurance isn’t so much about you; it’s about the variables you can’t control. It’s about the hurricane that points itself at your Ponte Vedra Beach dream home, the other driver who veers out of their lane, or the door-to-door salesman who slips and falls on your walkway. Nobody can control every variable in their life, but with insurance, you can prepare for the unexpected. Before saying that insurance policies are too expensive, think about how costly damage to your home, car, or a slip-and-fall lawsuit could be. There are ways to bring down the cost of home insurance policy premiums, and one of these is called “bundling.”

Money in Your Pocket

Working with an independent insurance agent is one way to tap into a wider variety of products from multiple insurance companies. Nerd-Wallet notes that by bundling policies, homeowners can bring their premiums down by 10 to 20 percent for each insurance product. For instance, bundling home and automobile from the same carrier can net you a considerable discount. Adding in other products such as an umbrella policy can bring down a premium on your home insurance policy. This overlapping coverage is especially important considering last year’s landfall of hurricane Irma and the destruction left in its wake – which is bound to drive up Ponte Vedra Beach flood insurance policies from Citizens Insurance and other providers.

Get the Big Picture

When it comes to insurance, working with an independent insurance agent gives you access to a broader choice of policies. It’s possible to mix-and-match instead of being locked into the insurance choices of a single carrier. Whether it’s home, car or motorcycle, tenants’ insurance, life insurance, or an umbrella policy, insurance protects you against the variables you haven’t even thought of yet. Call an independent insurance agent today, and start getting the big picture on your coverage.

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