Business Owners Provide Small Group Health Insurance in Rapid City, SD

Most people depend upon their employers to provide their health insurance. While employees are paying a higher portion of their premiums, most of the healthcare costs are still paid by the employer. Employers continue to provide Small Group Health Insurance Rapid City SD benefits because it attracts and keeps good workers. If a person is constantly worried about their health they will be a far less productive worker. They will also be far more likely to look for another job. Hiring and training employees is also very expensive.

A small company that is struggling to pay its insurance premiums should make sure that they are working with an independent insurance agent. That ensures that the agency works with many different insurance companies. The agent will be able to review many different types of polices to negotiate the best deal for the company’s Small Group Health Insurance In Rapid City SD plan. Just as with any type of insurance policy, the higher the deductible the lower the premium. This is often the first change that many companies make. Then they ask their employees to payer a higher portion of the premium each month. While employees may not be happy with this arrangement, it is better than trying to find health insurance on their own. Individual premiums may be impossible for many people to qualify for.

Now that children can stay on their parent’s health insurance until they are 26 years old, many small companies are seeing increased costs. It’s not unreasonable that some of this be passed on to the employees. Young adults, in their twenties are probably employed and can help pay for their portion of the insurance. This will take some of the burden off of their parents and their employer.

A healthier workforce can help keep premiums lower. Some Small Group Health Insurance Rapid City SD plans reward employees for attending smoking cessation programs or exercising at a health club regularly. Employees can be enthusiastic about improving their help. However, they are less enthusiastic when employers expect them to pay more for health insurance if they smoke or are overweight.

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