Busting the Copier Dust Problem

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Printers

Nothing feels worse than having a copy machine break down in the middle of a big printing job. When this happens you can rely on copier repair Santa Rosa. A quick search on copier repair in Santa Rosa will reveal quick and reliable service that is just a phone call away. Of course it is much better to avoid trouble in the first place. Regular copier maintenance can help you avoid trouble and keep your machine in tip top shape year round.

Cleaning and Dusting Machines

As with any type of equipment, cleaning and dusting of the machines you use in the office on a daily basis is a must to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently. Dust can get into tiny particles including the wheels of copy machines, causing them to stop moving efficiently. This can result in paper jams. Over time this may result in the need for servicing. To avoid this, simply use a small amount of rubbing alcohol as an astringent, and wipe away paper toner residue that sometimes leaks onto different areas of the machine. Also be sure to use paper towels and class cleaner to wipe away dust particles and other debris from the glass or plastic casing.

Vacuuming and Dust Removal

Vacuuming is the most efficient way to rid a copy machine of dust. This may seem silly but it is a very necessary step if you want to keep a machine in good working order. Dust accumulates in offices very quickly. This happens even if you have an air filter to circulate air and trap dust. Make a point to vacuum all dust around and underneath the machine if you can. The best way to do this is with a vacuum that has a flat hose. This will allow you to get under a machine. By doing this dust won’t have an opportunity to travel up into the machine and cause problems with the wheels or other components. You can also open compartment doors and vacuum or lightly brush over. Be careful going over very small parts because while handling these parts some may be jarred loose. With good care and proper maintenance the best machines will last a very long time and perform optimally with minimal repairs.

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