Buy Swedish Dishcloths for All Your Cleaning Needs

The original Swedish dishcloth was invested in 1949 by a Swedish engineer using 70% wood cellulose and 30% cotton.

The Swedish dishcloth is a replacement standard paper towel. They are sturdy and reusable and can be washed and cleaned in the washing machine over 200 times. Kitchen sponges can get nasty very quickly. You can wash them, but pretty soon they start to smell. They also tend to break down easily so oftentimes, they go in the trash, and you get a new sponge. Swedish dishcloths are a simple replacement for your kitchen sponge.

The dishcloths measure six inches by eight inches and are perfect for household chores, cleaning up spills and polishing furniture. They are sturdy enough to even clean countertops and will leave your window or appliance streak-free.

They can be used in the bathroom for easy cleanup, in the kitchen for cleaning the counters and appliances, and even throughout the house for dusting. There is no end to what these little dishcloths can do.

These durable cloths can absorb approximately 15 their own weight and clean up spills quickly. If you have children, keep a Swedish dishcloth handy to quickly absorb spilled food or drinks. They are more durable than paper towels and are reusable.

With proper care, a Swedish dishcloth can last up to nine months. Most dishcloths can be washed over 200 times in the washing machine.

Best of all, using a Swedish dishcloth will help to cut down on the tons of paper towels that end up the in the landfills every day. One Swedish dishcloth can replace 17 rolls of paper towels. That not only saves money but the dishcloths are environmentally friendly and help to keep forest sustainable.

You do not have to be wealthy to live in an eco-friendly way. Eco-living is for everyone. You can start by ditching the paper towels for Swedish dishcloths.

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