Buying Wholesale Tortillas in Connecticut

Do you like Mexican food? Most people do, so Mexican restaurants stay quite busy for lunch and dinner. Practically everything on the menu makes use of some kind of tortilla, so the restaurant may go through hundreds if not thousands of tortillas every day. Making tortillas from scratch is impractical due to the volume used. In the 1960s small scale machines appeared that could produce a cooked tortilla every two seconds! Today industrial food equipment can produce as many as 60,000 tortillas every hour. Buying in bulk saves money, plus there are a variety of different sizes, flavors, colors, and ingredients that can be ordered from the wholesaler. That is why restaurant owners purchase Wholesale Tortillas Connecticut.

There are basically two types of tortillas that can be bought as Wholesale Tortillas Connecticut. These are corn tortillas and flour tortillas, and there are many different subtypes for both of these. Corn tortillas date back to the pre-Columbian Aztecs who cultivated maize or corn across their empire in what is Mexico today. This unleavened flat bread usually comes in diameters of 4 inches, 6 inches, and 10 inches. They are primarily made with yellow, white, and blue corn, and you can even order Wholesale Tortillas made with all organic blue corn. Interestingly, blue corn tortillas have 20 percent more protein and a lower glycemic index than white corn tortillas. This appeals to folks who prefer to eat healthier versions of their favorite Mexican foods. The blue corn tortillas are used for tacos, taquitos, tostadas, tortilla chips, salad bowls and many other recipes.

Flour tortillas were introduced to the Mexican diet only after the Spanish brought wheat flour from Europe to the New World. Wheat flour tortillas typically come in sizes from 6 inches to 14 inches in diameter. The large flour tortillas are often used to make super-sized burritos, super-sized salad bowls, and giant chimichangas. Low carb flour tortillas are also available, and they are popular in the Zone Diet, the Atkins Diet, and several others. You can even order Kosher Certified flour tortillas from the wholesaler. Flour tortillas may be flavored with spinach which gives them a green color or with tomatoes which gives them a red color. Tortillas are very versatile and can be used in many different Mexican recipes. Due to their popularity, ordering them wholesale makes a lot of sense.

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