Calling All Oak Lawn Residents: The New Chevy Blazer Has Touched Down

The Chevy Blazer continues to trounce the competition in the mid-size SUV category, with updated design touches inspired by the Camaro and driving characteristics that are unabashedly sporty. On top of everything, it tows up to 4,500 pounds, suiting it to weekend excursions that call for a trailer or a boat. It also has configurable cargo space, tech and safety to keep the whole family well supplied, comfortable, entertained and secure during long road trips.

Cargo Space to Suit Your Life and Daily To-Do Lists

The new Chevy Blazer’s floor-mounted rail system keeps your cargo grounded as you run errands or commute to your vacation destination. A special Flexible Cargo Partition and folding/removable second-row seats let you configure cubic feet to accommodate hardware materials, groceries or camping gear. A Horizontal Cargo Net makes for an additional layer of separation and reinforcement, increasing your backseat storage and organization options.

Two Types of Automatic Braking

The updated Chevy Blazer encompasses ahead-of-trend safety that’s engineered with commuting families in mind. Whether you’re inching through the suburbs, rural areas or the crowded city at rush hour, the Blazer’s two types of automatic braking come in extra handy.

Front Pedestrian braking automatically engages the Chevy Blazer’s brakes when the system detects a pedestrian ahead and directly in the Blazer’s path. Similarly, when Chevy Blazer senses a possible front-end collision, it activates the brakes automatically to prevent or minimize collision severity.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Camera

Chevy Blazer’s Adaptive Cruise Control uses a camera to monitor and maintain the optimal following gap between you and the vehicle ahead of you. As the vehicle ahead slows, and the following gap closes, the Blazer adjusts its own cruising speed, eliminating the need for you to repeatedly, actively brake and accelerate.

To see the new Chevy Blazer in Oak Lawn, pop into Hawk Chevrolet Bridgeview, our family-owned Chevy dealer serving Bridgeview, Oak Lawn, Palos Heights and other Chicago communities. We’re excited about the new Chevy Blazer in Oak Lawn and can’t wait to let you test drive it. If you can’t come down to see us right away, peruse our dealer info, inventory and flexible financing options at Hawk Chevrolet Bridgeview. We look forward to meeting you.

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