Can You Hear Me Now? Three Signs You Need a Hearing Aid in Lafayette

Are you struggling to hear your loved ones or catch the evening news? While many people deny their age-related hearing loss, getting a hearing aid is nothing to be embarrassed about and can significantly improve your quality of life. Here are three signs that you should ask your doctor about hearing aids in Lafayette.

You’re Missing Conversations

Do you get lost in group discussions? One of the first signs of hearing loss is difficulty making out conversations when two or more people are speaking. Hearing loss can lead to social isolation, as it gets harder and harder to understand what your friends and family are saying.

Your Phone Volume is Maxed Out

If everyone around you can hear your phone better than you, it might be time to see an audiologist about hearing aids in Lafayette. You should be able to hear your phone easily without turning the volume all the way up.

You’re Getting Noise Complaints

You may not have noticed that your television volume is turned up to the highest setting, but everyone around you has. If you’re getting requests from your spouse to turn it down or noise complaints from neighbors, you may need a hearing aid.

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